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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Cities Do You Deliver?

    We primarily deliver to the general Central Texas region encompassing San Antonio and Austin.

    Bee Cave
    Cedar Park
    Canyon Lake

    Dripping Springs
    Johnson City

    Marble Falls
    New Braunfels
    Round Rock

    San Antonio
    San Marcos
    Spring Branch

  • You will recieve your peaches generally within two weeks of placing the order. We do our best to coordinate our deliveries in an efficient manner while timing with the weekly harvests so that you receive the freshest peaches. If you have any special requests please send us a message.

  • For orders over 500 lbs., we will deliver to any city in Texas. If you would like to organize a group order and have us bring Fredericksburg peaches to your city, contact us and we will facilitate your request.

  • Graded peaches have a uniform size and shape with limited imperfections, which you would usually find in a retail or grocery store.
    Ungraded peaches have all of the lovely natural blemeshis, branch rubs, discolorations, spots, and mishaped. These are still amazing peaches, they just aren't what you're use to buying at the grocery store.

  • At this moment we are only offering 25 lb. boxes. In the near future, it is hopeful that we will be able to offer variable sizes and other produce.
    In the meantime we encourage you to find someone to split the box with. Share some with your friends and neighbors!
    You can freeze peaches for up to 3 to 6 months, and use them for smoothies, pies, cobblers, ice cream, salsas, culinary dishes, and more smoothies!


What Is A Fredericksburg Peach?

Fredericksburg Peaches are a Central Texas cultural staple that symbolizes one of the treasures of the Hill Country. These peaches are grown in Gillespie County, by a handful of multi generational farmers whose orchards and storefronts you will find driving down 290 between Stonewall and Fredericksburg.

There are 27 varieties that are grown by the orchards, and each harvest consistently produces a peach with high sugar contents. They have become regionally famous for their distinct flavors of citrus and sweetness.

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Who We Are

We are a small group of folks residing in central Texas, whom have operated several peach stands around the Hill Country over the past decade.

  • Our mission is to find a home for every peach!
  • Committed to exceeding your expectations.
  • Defining local culture and creating opportunities.

As times change, is evolving to meet the demands of an interconnected population. We strive to optimize our processes to maximize efficiency and reduce waste. Starting this year in 2020, we will focus primarily on delivery in Central Texas, as we navigate this new paradigm.

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How We Operate

Simplified Delivery

Our supply chain is simplified, with no more than three points of contact in the delivery process.

Sanitation Standards

Our staff will be wearing protective gear at all simes to ensure health conscious practices during delivery.

Delivery Schedule

The delivery schedule is dependent on available varieties. Orders will be filled in two week windows.

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+1 (512) 766-5178